Magicians are also called the ‘artists of deception’. By a combination of training, dexterity and perfect timing, they create the perfect illusion. An illusion that just cannot be grasped by ordinary minds. Their intention is, literally speaking: deceiving the eye to drag the audience into their reality.
And let’s be fair: Don’t we in all our sales conversations and corporate presentations want the exact same thing? Don’t we want our relations to believe that the grass is always greenest with us. Not only magicians, but also the corparate life use a customized reality.The point is however to distinct you and your organization from the competition, without harming reality with the conjured reality.
The introduction of the Magic Agenda makes this very easy. In combination with an enthralling story this magic diary has a surprising effect on your audience and you will never lack, not even for a single moment their surprise and attention.

To master the trick of this diary you will not have to practise for days on end. Reading the simple manual suffices. By the ingeneous cutting and binding you can amaze your audience time after time. Thanks to the universal format the so called three step concept truly every story can be illustrated by the Magic Agenda.


the trick revealed

Product: Description Price order:
Divnick 34 in 1 golfclub 1 club only 189
Divnick 34 in 1 golfclub Between 2 and 5 clubs 179
Divnick 34 in 1 golfclub Between 6 and 11 clubs 169
Divnick 34 in 1 golfclub More than 12 clubs 169
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