The so called three step concept of the Magic Agenda contains:

blank ‘things to do pages’

a weekly schedule supported by pictures black and white

a fullcolour section

Click here for a demonstration
By placing the thumb on either position 1 2 or 3 (as shown in the back of the agenda) you magically conjure up a text photographs and colour in the agenda. To enforce these magical acts you can, from time to time, blow in the agenda or shake it. To ensure the optimal result it is however important to replace your thumb on the different positions as inconspicuous as possible. A good magician will never reveal his secrets.
With the right choice of photographs colour and texts this agenda can be your teaser. Your relations will value such an original and multifunctional gift.

The magic agenda is a patented product and printed on environmentally sound paper and bound using wire-o-binding

the trick revealed

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Divnick 34 in 1 golfclub Between 2 and 5 clubs 179
Divnick 34 in 1 golfclub Between 6 and 11 clubs 169
Divnick 34 in 1 golfclub More than 12 clubs 169
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