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The Spiral Wishing Well

Coins make about 40 revolutions around the vortex cone, each one spiraling closer to the center, hugging the vertical side-walls at eye-blurring speeds before finally spinning out of sight into a locked receptacle 20 to 30 seconds later.

Spiral Wishing Wells are the most unique and profitable fund-raising devices of all time!


Spiral Wishing Wells have a 15-year track record of international success with over $100 million worth of coins tossed into thousands of Spiral Wishing Wells throughout the world.


The latest one-day record for a single Well is $7,352.39 at a promoted event


Many units have generated over $100 a day with only a little promotion. Some have brought in over $100,000 in 10 years at the same location! Those are the exceptional reports. But even ordinary locations can effortlessly generate $100 to $500 per month.


With government subsidies to charities being reduced, and proposals to eliminate the charitable tax deduction now being debated by politicians, competition for public money is increasing dramatically. Our Wells are uniquely qualified to fill that need---immediately!


Spiral Wishing Wells give something back to the customer---FUN, FUN, FUN!


Spiral Wishing Wells are much more profitable than passive coin canisters which "solicit" customers for donations.


Spiral Wishing Wells do not require valuable employee time like most corporate fund raising programs.


Stores or charities can now own their own Spiral Wishing Wells outright and avoid splitting long-term revenue with a distributor. Or, Spiral Wishing Wells can be placed in a shared revenue program to avoid up-front costs.


Some stores use a Spiral Wishing Well as their "official" fund-raising method and avoid the pressure from the dozens of charities who want to solicit their customers.


Prime locations include restaurants, department and grocery stores, children's toy and clothing stores, museums and zoos, malls, movie theaters, bowling lanes, and every other location with walk-in customers or visitors. We even have Spiral Wishing Wells in major-league ball parks and on ferry ships. Wherever there are people---the more the better!


This mutual benefit is one of the reasons that Spiral Wishing Wells are so easy to place and uniquely productive.