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Retail Ordering Information and
Prices for The Spiral Wishing Wells

The prices listed below include total ownership of the wells. It is not a shared-lease arrangement. 100% of the revenue is yours. You do not need to send any of it to us. Each well comes complete with everything you need to put it directly into service, including a set of keys and generic sign on which you can affix the name of the project or charity. All you need is a pair of pliers and a few minutes of assembly time.

The above photo is shown with the key in the door lock. Each unit comes with two keys.

Cones are white and bases are "granite-gray" (not red as shown in some of the older pictures). Special colors are available, but cost extra and take more time. Please inquire.

We include a generic sign that is 4-color. The wording on the sign includes our trademark spelling of "Vortx (TM)" and reads: "Coin Vortx - Drop your coins in the launch-ramps and watch the fun! - Proceeds go to:" with plenty of room to affix the name of the charity and an optional corporate sponsor inside the plastic frame. Of course, you can print your own sign if you wish and slip it into the clear plastic frame.

The unbreakable stainless steel ramps have a sticker that reads, "Drop Coins Here" then asks the question, "Which size rolls faster? Drop a coin in each ramp and watch the fun." People love to experiment and watch the coins spin in opposite directions as they narrowly miss each other and sometimes crash as they descend the slope.

Click here for detailed Sizes, Dimensions, Weights, and Materials

Three-Foot Diameter Model ~ Cost 1,691 (plus 75.00 shipping and handling in Europe. Other destinations please inquire about shipping cost).

Two-Foot Diameter Model ~ Cost 1,400 (plus 50.00 shipping and handling in Europe. Other destinations please inquire at time of order).

There is a 10% discount on two or more. Mixed sizes are OK. Call about multiple unit shipping cost savings.

Timing: We are usually able to ship within 4 - 6 weeks of receiving your payment or authorized purchase order. This depends on our ability to maintain an inventory that matches the varying demand. Please feel free to contact us about our current inventory ability and we will let you know if there is any extra lead time required.

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