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Which is the Best Size for Your Application?
Because they cost about the same (the Three-Foot diameter model is only 291 more than the Two-Foot diameter model), it's really a matter of available floor space. If you have room for a Three-Footer, it's the better option, especially when there's a lot of space such as a large store or shopping mall. Although they're the same basic height, it's over twice the area (we call that the "impact size") and catches one's attention while the Two-Footer might not even be noticed in a large space. Of course, the coins make several more revolutions with the Three-Footer. For these reasons, the Three-Footer is a lot more "bang for the buck" if you've got the floor space.

On the other hand, if you're considering a smaller space such as a "Wait-to-be-Seated" area of a restaurant, the Two-Footer is plenty large to attract attention. We've found that as long as people notice it, they both generate about the same amount of money. So the key is properly sizing it to the overall available space.

Dimensions, Weights, and Materials
The diameter of the Three-Footer is 36" (91.44cm) and the Two-Footer is 24" (60.96cm).

The height to the rim of both units is about 22" (55.88cm). The coin-drop area of the ramps is 34" (86.36cm) high, and the top of the sign frame is 48" high (121.92cm).

The Two-Footer weighs 24 pounds (10.89kg) and the Three-Footer weighs 33 pounds (14.97kg). Of course, we recommend that you place additional weight such as a sand-bag inside the base to give it more stability and less risk of someone taking it.

The bases are rotationally-molded polyethylene.

The ramps are unbreakable stainless steel.

The sign frames are 15 1/2" (39.36cm) tall and 16" (40.64cm) wide. They are made out of P.E.T.G. plastic which is folded in half to create a "sandwich" into which the paper sign is placed. We supply a generic sign, but you can make your own if you prefer.

The Two-Footer cone is vacuum-formed A.B.S. plastic and the Three-Footer cone is fiberglass.

The Three-Footer uses a hardwood oak bridge to connect the ramps, and the sign frame is bolted to the bridge.

The Two-Footer ramps are connected by the sign frame itself.