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          How Many Wells Should be Placed in a Single Store?
This photo shows 8 Wells at a Wal-Mart store in Lexington, KY which have been generating thousands of dollars for over 5 years. While the grand total is much greater than just one or two Wells, the income per Well isn't as much. Most stores do not have the space for this many, but it helps illustrate the point that once they are paid off, multiple units can generate lots more money. And since they do pay for themselves quite easily, the appropriate question might be, "How many would I want if they didn't cost anything?" Still, for most large stores, having one at the entrance and one at the exit works very well.

Be sure to read how to get your Wells sponsored so that the cost isn't an issue that keeps you from getting as many as you'd like.

(The picture shows clear plastic domes over the top of the cone. The dome has been discontinued and replaced with the unbreakable stainless steel ramps.)