Adjustable golf clubs?
Here's the new Adjustable and telescopic Golf Club.
The Universal Club
The Universal   28 in 1
Adjustable and telescopic Golf Club

"38 inch Travel Shaft"

Ideal travel set, Business Gift and Trophee.
* Cavity back
* Peripheral weighted
* Square grooves
* Offset hozel
* Ratcheting teeth
* 431 stainless steel
* True Temper shaft
* Machined putter face
* Floating dial selector
* Variable lie angle
* S.S. locking lever
* 100% guarantee
Enjoy playing golf without the heavy
equipment. Walk off the front of the
tee like the pros. Play the round with
one adjustable golf club that changes
the loft, lie angle, & putter face.

The Universal Club is different from the
other adjustable golf clubs available
today. The teeth are set to allow for
more accurate loft settings than other
adjustable golf clubs.

The Universal Club is set to provide
the correct lie angle for each club
selected. The oversized head allows
a larger sweet spot. No other
adjustable club offers these features.

One club, for consistent control.