Golf Picker


Pick up the Golfball without bending


2 tools in one: Personal Snaplock Ball carrier + Ball Retrieval Tool


The technologically advanced design makes the Golf Picker the ideal

Carrier and Retrieval tool for use in any retrieval situation.




Eliminates bending or stooping

Fits on any golfclub 23-30 mm.

Clips (with or without ball) to belt or buggy

Light and easy to use

On land or even under water

In bulk or in Blister







Prices: The advised consumer price is Euro 4,95


Logo: can be imprinted on the retriever part in different techniques. We do not imprint ourselves.


Specification: weight 20 gram, ABS-material,


Delivery-times: from stock or 4 to 6 weeks.


Delivery: after payment, by package-post. Packaging in bulk.