Company Introduction



Magic Promotional Products is a Dutch Company established in 1997.


With a background as Offset Printers (50 FTE), looking for new techniques, the Magic Agenda (Magic Diary) was invented. Because of its potential Magic Products was established, later renamed in Magic Promotional Products. The patented 3-steps-system, integrated in a diary, was from the start a tremendous success and quickly spotted by distributors in the Business Gift Industry.


To enter the Export markets, Magic Promotional Products decided to market their products solely through Distributors in the Promotional Articles and Business Gifts field and therefore, in 1998, became member of PSI (Praesent Service Institute), a European branch-organisation of manufacturers and sellers of promotional Articles. Since then export began to grow fast.


Besides (Magic) diaries, we also entered the market with Offset Printed Scent (rub and smell) and introduced Scented Calendars, Scented Cards, etc..


In January 2001, we moved to a new office in Reeuwijk (near Gouda), The Netherlands.


Nowadays Magic Promotional Products not only manufactures but also exclusively imports articles, which fit in the company’s slogan: for when your client looks for something different! Our Golf-products are a new promising group in that sector.


We export mainly within Europe but have also sales outside.


Our main characteristics are: Special products, good service, fast delivery and fair prices.


Our main goal is to provide you with new refreshing ideas and products which meet the demands of your clients. Our team is ready to help you with any questions you might have regarding our products.



If you are not a distributor, how to receive more information about our products?

Since we only deliver through resellers, we will be pleased to help you in finding a distributor in your neighbourhood! Just email us at with your address and you will be contacted through the nearest Distributor.


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