The Universal Club is from the inventor of the Superstick golf club,
Patented in 1974 by Donald Moore, with over 100,000 sold.

The Universal Club is different from other adjustable golf clubs.
The loft change between clubs is 3.3 degrees. This change is
within 1 degree of the golf industry average for iron and wedge

The Universal club has a .500 offset shank that is set at an angle
to the sole. This provides the correct lie angle for each club. The
sole is utilized as a precision machined flat putter face. There are
4 usable lofts with the correct lie angle for putting. In addition
this club can be used for most left hand shots.

The advantages are a more consistent swing, saving fossil fuel,
healthy exercise, traveling light, executive and par 3 use, a second
set of clubs and most of all to save money. This club is absolutely
fair and takes the game back to its roots, where skill is the most
important factor.

One Universal club, for more consistant control.