Peter Stacey, PGA Professional in Europe
20 November 1998 Haarlem, The Netherlands:

Peter Stacey PGA golfpro

"I have been a P.G.A registered golf professional since 1971. I have tested every new golf product over the last 29 years. And nothing has excited me as much as the new "DIVNICKô adjustable golf club". I used this club first on the driving range and then on the golf course, and I soon discovered that it will perform in the same way as the latest HI-TECH golf equipment that I normally use. In fact, this club hits at least 10% further!. I can hit it high or low, short or long, and the " FEEL" is perfect. With one club I can play "PAR" golf. I like the fact that the " DIVNICKô adjustable golf club" is so portable it even fits in my briefcase, so that golf is instantly available anytime, anyplace. The "DIVNICKô adjustable golf club" is also a "DUAL PURPOSE" instrument, because it can be used for training and in actual play. And it is perfect for established golf players, or beginners who want to try our great game without buying an expensive full set of golf equipment. As a qualified English and European P.G.A. golf professional I recommend this club to you without hesitation, and I wish you many years of happy golfing."

Best personal regards,

Peter Stacey.

Comments from DIVNICK Users

We know you will want to test the DIVNICK for yourself which is why we have a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. But as you are considering a purchase, please take a look at these comments from some of our customers.

~ Chuck Lanczkowski, McDonnel Douglas Corporation: "The DIVNICK is a high performance club and quality executive gift with innovative state-of-the-art workmanship and attention to detail. The performance, convenience, and quality make it worthy of giving, a joy to receive, and a pleasure to use."

~ Ron Marweg, NCR: "I have never seen such enthusiasm for a gift or incentive item as your club."

~ Golf Magazine: "Solid . . . 3 1/2 stars!"

~ Garay Goecke, PGA Pro: "It is as solid as my $1100 graphite clubs and hits farther."

~ Jason Hadden, Touring Pro: "The DIVNICK is very solid and hits about 25 yards farther than my clubs. It's easy to adjust and won't slow play. It's terrific and I strongly recommend it."

~ J. Jackson, Investment Casting Institute: "Ingenious use of casting technology."

~ Eddie Brown, Retired Salesman: "I can strongly recommend it to other seniours who want the exercise of walking but have a hard time carrying a bag or cart."

~ Susan Schieman, Accountant: "It's much easier to carry than my heavy bag! I want 2 more---one as a gift for my mother and one for my husband."